A tree surgeon is charged with primary tree care, which includes planting, felling, pruning, and diagnosis of plant diseases and pests. They possess an innate knowledge of tree growth, behaviour, disease and pest treatment and management and the use of general and special equipment to attend to trees.

Job Description

For starters, tree surgeons are trained to identify tree issues that deviate from the regular and attend to them. This requires listening to the clients requirements, followed by a physical meet to evaluate the job requirements and quotation. A physical evaluation allows the tree surgeon to make accurate quotations, and also decipher the scale of the problem and thus, the tools and equipment required. The next step is to compile a project timetable depending on the task at hand, task completion, cleanup activities and invoicing. The job entails the use of powered and manual equipment such as blades, chainsaws, ropes, harnesses, ladders and elevated work platforms.

Job requirements

On the onset, proper knowledge on all matters trees is crucial. Only through this knowledge is one able to decipher solutions, and the ideal solutions. Other than the high school degree, the required tertiary courses include woodland ecology, environment conservation, arboriculture, forestry and countryside management. Some institutions offer a more directly related course known as Trees and Timber. This is flowed by an apprenticeship program, mostly in an environmental conservation organisation, or the forestry department.

Do note that it is possible to pursue this career path without formal education. However, an intense apprenticeship program is crucial, followed by years of fostering experience. Also, not seeking formal training may expose you to poor remuneration, as well as sabotage your chances of growth as an arborist. Although it is it still possible to make it without formal education, it is recommended that you seek certification to expose you to better-paying opportunities. For rapid career development, pursue the accredited certification courses from your local and regional arboriculture associations. For example, a tree surgeon Southampton enthusiast should seek certifications available in the area, as well as the region.

It is important to note that tree surgery is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. There is always the risk of injury or even death considering the height above ground, and the equipment involved. There is also the constant threat to your health, considering the heavy lifting, twisting under weight, and long durations spent in one state. With this mind, patience, guts, physical fitness and strict discipline is crucial to both survival and career growth. Also, you should have a head for heights, as well as a mature health and safety awareness. On the upside, the job does provide free workouts, and thus prime physical fitness levels, as well as the excitement of working outdoors, albeit when the weather permits.

Well, everyone who has a tree within his or her compound is a potential client. Most tree surgeons, however, run home or family based businesses and thus pursue small-scale projects. However, apart from homeowners, commercial customers and employers include public institutions, agencies such as the forestry departments, municipalities and private holdings. Although in existence, a rarely pursued career course by tree surgeons is recreational tree climbing, where the primary job description is to guide people to treetops as an outdoor activity.