Most of us don’t really like doing chores around the home, but they just have to be done. As a child I asked my mother if she enjoyed vacuuming, simply because it was something she did every day. My mothers’ response was “No, it just needs to be done”.

Having a clean home is a good thing, because it makes most of us feel so much better. A dirty home isn’t a pleasant place to live in, and it can leave us wishing we lived elsewhere. The trouble is that many of us lead busy lives, which means that we cannot always find the time to do very much cleaning at all. So, how can you make cleaning your home less of a chore? Here’s how:

Set up a rota

If a few of you share your home, then everyone needs to pitch in. Set up a rota so you all know what needs to be done, and when. If this doesn’t work, simply agree what jobs you each need to do that week. For example, once a week my partner takes out the trash, twice a week he does the dishes, and once a week he tidies the den. He does this, and the other little jobs I ask him to do.

Do a little bit every day

I found that this is the best way to tackle the cleanliness issue in my home. Doing a little bit every day means there isn’t a mammoth task at the end of the week. So, you might do your laundry one day, and then vacuum the house the next. A little bit every now and then just makes it a lot more manageable.

Once a month or once a week have a ‘Big clean’

My mother has a big clean once a week, whereas I have a big clean once or twice a month. This is where you clean everything in your home: The kitchen, all of the bedrooms, the hallway, and the bathrooms etc. A big clean can help you to keep on top of things, and clean the bits that you previously missed.

Listen to music while cleaning

This will help it to seem like less of a chore, and will therefore make the whole process more enjoyable. Stick your favorite tunes on, and sing as you clean!

It doesn’t have to be spotless

The good news is your home doesn’t have to be spotless. We need to become immune to germs, and we can do that by not cleaning everything every five minutes. Of course, you will need septic maintenance by Howell Services, and you will need to give your home a good clean now and again, but you won’t need to go overboard. Just a good bit of cleaning every now and again will ensure that germs and killed, and bacteria is eliminated.

Becoming organized, and do just a little bit every day will help to ensure that you get used to cleaning, and it becomes less of a burden. Keep your home nice, without having to spend hours at a time doing it.