The amazing beauty of Burma, also called as Myanmar, is obvious when you see the sunsets, sunrises and amazing golden templates and Buddhas. But the people of Burma, mainly the heart-stealing kids are the soul of this beautiful country in Southeast Asia.


One of the lovely holiday places for me is this charming island named Curacao. It is a Dutch Caribbean island so you will see the beauty in this island with architecture, pastel colored buildings, and definitely lovely beaches and rich coral reef. It is also a best place for Scuba diving.

San Marcos

San Marcos is this lovely pretty village on the banks of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The lake is famous for its picturesque surroundings of hills and volcanoes. It is said the place has healing powers and after visiting it is simple to see why. Don’t forget to get best Nikon d3300 lens guide If you visit this place.


Rapperswil in Switzerland which we believe as a best holiday place in Switzerland, this is a beautiful country which must have inspired the best masterpiece of literature and art, it is like a painting come to life, a sculpture perfectly etched by nature and a poem tantalizingly in the air.

Samuito Phuket

For best destination, no place has the mixture of amazing beaches, remarkable food, and wonderful people, and true value of Thailand. The beaches are best in this place, from Samuito Phuket. Food of Thialand is well-known, found internationally, with worldwide attraction. It is even perfect in Thailand, whether from ever-present street vendors or the top restaurants.

Las Catalinas

Costa Rica is on top of my best holiday places list. Las Catalinas is a big dream. Pura vida can be simply achieved in this enchanting predestine town with its antique quarter style to your left and its private black sand beach to your right. The noise of waves crashing heard from your front door will definitely make you want to hit the beach fast.


Ooty is placed on Nilgiril Hills, Tamil Nadu. The tour to Ooty itself is extremely pleasant. Mesmerizing nature welcomes you from the very starting. The weather in Ooty is the most amazing thing. I have trip many hill stations in both north and south India; they were either dull or very chilly locations. Ooty definitely have the best weather when we visited in August.

Rio de Janeiro

There lots of best reasons why Rio de Janeiro is also known as the wonderful city. Beach Copacabana, samba parties, Christ the liberator, ice-cold caipirinhas and hiking trails are just some of the factors why I love the city so much. The chances of what to do, where to go and what to view are limitless and the best of all are the people. Cariocas are likely the happiest, friendliest and most optimistic and social people I have ever met. No doubt, this is the most beautiful city in the world. For more detail visit this link lens guide for Sony a6300.