Encouraging your customers to be healthier





If you run a shop, or you have a lot of say as to how it’s run, you have the chance to encourage your customers to be healthier. This is because you may be able to decide what you sell and where you sell it.


Many shops sell candy bars, chocolate bars, and chips right next to the checkout. This means that people are likely to impulse buy these nice tasting items. The trouble with this type of product is that they can be high in sugar, salt and fat, and we all know that foods like this can be bad for you.



How you display & what you display


The fact is that you really can encourage your customers to be healthier, and it’s all down to how you display your products, and what products you display. I’m now seeing more and more shops selling healthier products near or next to the checkouts. Low fat, tasty foods such as dried fruit, nuts and other similar foods are now considered to be the ‘Impulse buy’ products.


This means that your customers are more likely to choose something less fattening to eat, and that can only be a good thing. You cannot ultimately control exactly what your customers decide to buy and eat, but you can influence them.


Influencing your customers


As well as encouraging your customers to be healthy, you can also encourage them to buy specific types of food and drink too. Foods that come with kosher certification, or those that are slaughtered using Halal methods are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s all down to are more health-conscious ethic-oriented society.


Having more Kosher and Halal foods for sale, and clearly on display, means that more people are likely to buy them, and that can only be a good thing.



Using music to promote sales


Did you know that music can influence the sale of specific goods? For example, if you find that you have a lot of Italian wine in stock and you want to sell it as quickly as possible, all you need to do is play Italian music in the wine section. It’s quite an amazing technique to use, but trust me it works.

I guess you could use this technique for any product or department if you wish, and boost sales of a specific product.


As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that you can influence your customers, so why not try them out and see how they work for you?


Good looking, low maintenance gardens



Many people have a garden attached to their property, but not everyone wants to make full use of it. Some people love nothing more than to create a garden that’s bursting with flowers, shrubs and fruits and vegetables. They would spend a lot of time in their garden if they could, and they simply love it when the garden is in full bloom.


Low maintenance gardens

But what if you’re not a gardener? Does this mean that you will have to put up with a bare-looking somewhat dilapidated garden? No, it doesn’t mean this at all. Just because you don’t want to spend hours with your fingers in the soil, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a garden that you love. There are some very simple solutions around that will help you have a lovely garden that is very low maintenance.

My friends’ partner has a lovely garden, but there’s nothing natural in it at all. He’s decided to lay some artificial grass, and place some expensive-looking garden furniture on it. It’s not my idea of a garden, but he’s more than happy to have it that way. He’s not a natural gardener and simply doesn’t get any joy out of tending to his garden, so why should he?


Good looking, low maintenance gardens

Some people will go so far as laying paving slabs down, adding some pebbles or small stones to their borders and buying good quality Artificial Topiary that comes in all shapes and sizes. I have to say that you can create a good looking garden if you know what you’re doing.

You don’t have to dig up large patches of earth and create a vegetable plot if you don’t want to. You can always leave the grass as it is, and add some garden statues, a bit of topiary here and there, and you can even buy some beautiful archways that could potentially become a wonderful centerpiece.


Low maintenance garden with flowers

If you want to enjoy having a low maintenance garden, but you would also like to have some flowers, then you may want to think about using pots. Pots of all shapes and sizes are available, and stood on a hard flat surface, they could make your garden look good. You will of course have to prune them as and when you need to, but you won’t have to do it every day.

As long as you know what kind of garden you want, you can ensure it’s low maintenance, while also looking good.

How to save money on food

Many people say that they would be rich if they didn’t have to buy food. Food can be expensive, particularly if you have a lot of mouths to feed. What’s more is we get used to buying specific brands of tined tomatoes for example, that cost a lot more than other very similar products.

So how can we save money on food, while still enjoying what we eat? After all, there’s no point buying cheaper products if they don’t taste that nice is there? The good news is that we can all save money on food, without having to compromise on taste and quality.


Buying cheaper products

You may be interested to know that some cheaper supermarket own-label brands are made in the very same factory as the more expensive brands. For example, the cheap thick ketchup that you love could be made in the very same place as the value brand. The value brand is cheaper simply because it’s not as thick, as the more expensive, but it will still taste the same.

Cheaper products can often be just as good as the more expensive ones, so it’s worth your while checking them out. Of course, not every single cheaper product will be as good as those that cost a little more, but you’ll be surprised at how many are.


Shop around

Shopping around is a sure-fire way for you to see what’s on offer, and what is sold a little cheaper elsewhere. You can usually find a lot of difference in the prices of everyday groceries in a number of different supermarkets. There are 4 supermarkets in my small town, and I know which one sells the cheapest fruit, and which one sells the cheapest bread. Knowing what you can get and where you can get it from, can potentially save you approximately $5-10 a week.

When it comes to shopping around, you can also use the same money-saving methods when you’re buying other products too. For example, Cloud Nine Straighteners may be $10 cheaper in one store than they are in another, so knowing where you can save cash, will help your bank balance.


Using up your leftovers

I always use up my leftovers, you know why? Because I can usually make another meal out of it or I can enjoy the leftovers alongside other food. For example, I had some chili leftovers in my refrigerator, so the next day I had it with some salad and a jacket potato. Although I was not able to create a whole meal out of my leftovers, I was at least able to enjoy it the next day.


Using up the food you have in stock

One of the best things that you can do to lower your monthly grocery bill, is to use up the food you have in stock. My mother in law goes out and buys groceries each week, without knowing what she has in the cupboards at home. Suffice to say, she usually has a lot more food in than she really needs. My wife and I like to use up the food that we have in stock, because we usually have a lot more food than we realize, and we therefore save money on our grocery bill when we do venture out to the supermarket.


As you can see, there are some great and relatively easy ways that you can save money on food. Why not think about using the above tips as you’ll soon see your bill drop quite dramatically.


What should you wear to a wedding?



I recently attended a family wedding, and as usual, I had to decide what I wanted to wear. I had an outfit that I wore to the last family wedding, but I knew I wasn’t able to get away with wearing it again. This meant I had to go out and buy a whole new outfit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The trouble with attending a wedding, even though people you love may be getting married, is there’s a lot of pressure for all of the guests to look good. This means that everyone will have to do their best to find an outfit that looks good, and is relatively comfortable too.

I’m always unsure as to what I should wear, as I’m not a very girly girl. I would have been quite happy to wear a smart pair of jeans and one of my favorite shirts, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away with it. This of course meant that I had to find an outfit that looked nice, but one that I didn’t mind wearing. I refuse to wear anything that I don’t like, and anything that is uncomfortable. I know a lot of people are happy to sacrifice their comfort to look good, but that’s just not me.

What I wore

In the end, I bought some smart new black pants and a white shirt that had nice pink stripes going down it. The shirt was one that you could wear to a job interview, it was pretty smart, and it was comfortable too. I also accessorized with a bag I bought from I Flew The Nest, and I had a nice pair of boots on that were very comfortable. It’s safe to say that without too much fuss, I was able to find a nice outfit to wear to the wedding.


So what should you wear?

I guess you can in effect wear anything that you want to a wedding, but we all know that we should probably dress in something smart/pretty. My advice if you’re looking for an outfit to wear, is to find something that looks smart, but make sure you’re comfortable wearing it. You don’t have to wear clothes that are too tight, you don’t have to wear shoes that are uncomfortable, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on the outfit (Unless you really want to).

Think about what you would like to wear to the wedding, then find a way that you can make that outfit smart. Be smart, be pretty and stay comfortable, and the wedding that you may not want to go to, will be better than you imagined.


Why teenagers are more prone to taking risks



If you have spent any amount of time with a teenager, you’ll have no doubt wondered why they often take risks. Risky behavior almost seems to be a part of growing up, and finding your place, while also discovering the world.

From time to time, teenagers do stupid things: they play around on railroad tracks, they walk across busy roads seemingly oblivious to oncoming traffic, and they occasionally experiment with drugs and/or alcohol.

But why do some teenagers behave this way? What is it that drives them to make a conscious decision to involve themselves in risky behaviors?

Is it all down to peer pressure?

Can pressure from their friends cause a teenager to behave almost irrationally? In some cases this could be true, but in actual fact a lot of it has to do with their brains. As children grow, their brains are less able to calculate risk as much as adults are. In fact, our brains don’t stop developing until we reach our early twenties. This is why a lot of teenagers indulge in risky behaviors, and it’s all down to the fact that they cannot assess risks as well as older people are able to.

So what does this mean?

The fact that a teenagers brain has not yet developed fully, means that they are more likely to take risks. This is something that every parent should be aware of. In fact, most people know that when children become teenagers, their behavior changes, and they can act somewhat irrational at times, so I guess it’s no real secret.

Will they always take risks?

It’s safe to say that while some teenagers probably take considerable risks every day, most of them don’t. Most teenagers are pretty smart and rational, and they just want to live a good life. This means that they want to look after their health, visit their doctor when they’re ill, visit their dentist when they need braces. You should click here o find out more, and lastly, most of them also want to further their education.

Not every teenager is a big risk taker

As I mentioned earlier, not every teenager is a big risk taker, but people in their teens are more likely to indulge in risky behaviors than they are at any other age. I guess it all boils down to their personality, what you allow them to do, and where they live. A quiet rural area may have fewer risks available than a busy city does.

As long as you can teach your teenager the difference between right and wrong, and ultimately how they can keep themselves safe, then they should be less risky than those who are allowed to do whatever they want.

Get your website up and running



If you want your business to be successful in today’s world, then you need to make sure that it has an online presence. I know a lot of smaller companies are a bit unsure about going online, but it is the way forward.

If you are faced with the prospect of designing your own website, you may find it a little overwhelming. Ideally, you will have some computing experience, and know a little thing or two about websites. If you are totally in the dark about websites and how to design them, I would suggest looking at a list of web design companies who can help you out. Paying someone else to do the hard work for you, could potentially save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Going it alone

If you are brave enough to go it alone, then you may appreciate the website design tips that I’ve listed below:

  1. Make a note of what you want on your site. This is a good way to get started, and it also ensures you have the chance to change your mind, before you use your computer.
  2. Think about how you would like the UI (User interface) to look. Studies have shown that visitors to websites typically look at specific parts of pages first. Think of a web page that has a horizontal line running through it. Now imagine the top section of the page, and again, draw a line half way through – this is where most of your viewers will look first, then they will look to the left and right of the page. Bear this in mind when designing your website.
  3. Add a grid section to your design so you can structure the pages layout, and size requirements.
  4. Choose which fonts you’re going to use. Use no more than 2 types of fonts on a website. Always make sure the fonts you choose are very easy to read.
  5. Choose the colors you want to use. Make sure that you use a limited range of colors so the site doesn’t overwhelm.
  6. Make it easy to navigate. The layout should therefore highlight the most important aspects of your site.
  7. Add detail for that finished touch. Websites can look a little plain, so make sure you use some artwork or a bit of gradient just to make the site look natural and pleasing to the eye.
  8. Sharpen those pixels so they aren’t blurry. This will ensure a clean finish
  9. Be prepared for different layouts on different devices. Some plug-ins will allow you to make your site suitable for use on tablets and mobiles.
  10. Work on your site until you’re fed up with the design. This may sound odd, but the more you work on your site, the more you will see where you can change things. You’ll learn as you go along, and you’ll see where you can make those changes. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to start from scratch, it just means that you should be prepared to make changes until you’re happy.

A lot to consider

There is a lot for you to consider, but if you’re prepared to go ahead and create your own website, you should be prepared for a lot of work. Following the above tips should help you get a little closer to creating a website you can be proud of.

What would you do if you won millions?



A lot of us dream that we’re millionaires, and that we have more money than we know what to do with. But what would you do if you won millions?

Take a vacation?

I recently read that lottery advisors tell winners to go on vacation soon after they’ve discovered they’ve won the lottery. This is because they think that getting away will help the winners to process what has happened. Apparently going on vacation will give you time to think about your winnings, and help you to understand that your life could have changed dramatically.

If you have won millions, it would be a lot easier to go on vacation, and practically travel the world. I’m not sure my first plans would be to travel the world, but they would be high up on my list of priorities.

Buy a house?

There’s no doubt about it that if I won the lottery, I would buy a house. It would have no more than 4 bedrooms, but it would have a large garden. This is one of the first things that I would do with the money, and yes, I’d pay for it in cash.

Hire a personal trainer?

Many people who have come into money, often hire a personal trainer to help them get into shape. Others hire a life coach, a herbal consultant, and some even hire a butler. I’m not sure which of those I would do, I’d probably just buy some new exercise equipment. It would be tempting to hire a butler, for those time when I really want a cup of tea or coffee, but cannot be bothered to go and get one.

Look after loved ones?

Most people who win the lottery look after their loved ones, and I’d like to think that I would do the same. I’d pay off my parents’ mortgage, buy my younger brother a house, my older brother and his family and house, and I’d do the same for my in-laws too.

Give up work?

Some people give up work when they win millions, but not everyone does. We’ve all heard about people who stick to their day time jobs despite having millions in the bank. I’m honestly not sure what I would do, as the idea of giving up work seems good, but then again, I like my job, and I would miss it. I think I would also struggle to fill my day, but maybe that’s what a lot of employed people think. Perhaps I would just work a little less at first, and then decide from there.

Donate to charity?

Most people make some sort of donation to charity when they find they have come into a lot of money. The trouble is that there are a lot of different charities out there, and it could be hard to choose between them. My advice is to think of a charity that is close to your heart, and choose that one.


We can all make plans and decide what we’re going to do in the event of a big win, but will we stick to those plans? We can all dream, but if and when we do win millions, we may decide to do something completely different.


Change your job, change your life


Many of us get to a stage in our lives where we want to make some sort of change. Sometimes we’re not sure what it is we want to change, but things can become a bit stale, or just seem as if each day rolls into another, without any distinguishable differences. This often happens when people need to change something in their lives, and that something is usually their job.

It can be easier said than done

It’s easy to say that you’re going to change your job, but putting it into practice may not always go as smoothly as you’d wish. There are a lot of jobs out there, and if you really want one, it is possible to get one, but it might not be your ideal job.

Sometimes just changing what you do for a living, can have a huge impact on your well-being, and how you feel about life. You don’t have to switch to working in a high paid job, just a change of scenery can be enough.

Giving yourself a chance to change your job

So how can you realistically give yourself a chance to change your job? How can you ensure that your career takes a turn for the better? Here’s what you can do to get that fighting chance.

  • Think about what aspects of your work you want to change

Do you just need a change of scenery? For example, if you work in a store, would getting a job in another store be the change you need? The transition from working in one area to another, while remaining in the same sector (Retail in this case), can be a relatively easy one.

  • Consider going back to school

If you’re looking for a new career in a completely different sector, you may need to be prepared to go back to school. evoprep.com and other education-programs exist to help you get to where you need to be, if you don’t want to do a night class.

  • Prove that you deserve that much-wanted promotion

Sometimes the change that we need in our working lives, is a promotion. A promotion usually involves more money, a change in the work that you do, and more responsibility. If you don’t need to go back to school in order to get that promotion, then proving that you deserve it is the way forward.

Work hard at the job you currently do, and start to do bits of other work that you would be doing if you had the promotion. For example, when I worked in a supermarket some years ago, I made sure that when the delivery of stock came in, that I got it out on the shelves as quickly as I could. By the end of my shift, the warehouse looked like there hadn’t been a delivery that day. I also started to do a few jobs that management often did, and this helped me to progress up the ladder quite quickly. Show willing and it’s likely that you will be rewarded.


Changing your job really can change your life, as it will bring something new into your day, and make it seem less monotonous. Even the smallest changes can have a big effect, so think about what you need to do, in order to make those changes you need.

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