5 proven weight loss tips

Losing weight is not always as easy as you might think. We all dream of losing a lot of weight with ease, but in reality, it can be hard. The good news is that you can lose weight, by taking some easy but sensible steps. The following tips have been used by people all across the world, to help them shed those unwanted pounds:

Reduce your portion sizes

This may seem a little tough, and it will be quite hard at first, but reducing your portion sizes is the way to go. Make your portions about one third smaller, and chew the food slowly. You will soon get used to eating less, yet you will feel just as satisfied. If it helps, put your meals on smaller plates, as this will make your brain think that you’re eating just as much.

Eat foods that fill you up

Foods that fill you are are typically those that contain a lot of fiber. These include fruits, vegetables and legumes. You don’t have to eat loads of these types of foods, just have a few more each day, and you’ll soon see that they really can and do make a difference to your waist line.

Drink more fluids

Incredibly, drinking more fluids will help you to lose weight. This is because they take up room in your stomach, and make you feel full. The trick is to use this technique sensibly, and you should not drink fluids instead of eating a meal. Have a glass of water with your meals, and you will soon see what I mean

Start to become a little more active

You may not wanna move it, but it is the best way for you to shake off those extra pounds. Start by slowly becoming more active, and you will see that you’re building a little more muscle. Once you have built the muscles you need to get used to the exercise you’re doing, you will then start to lose weight. You don’t have to do anything extreme, you just need to become a bit more active.

Set yourself a goal

Some people make the mistake of not setting themselves a goal. A goal can be a good thing, because it gives you something to work towards. Goals can help you to stay motivated, and they can also help you to feel good when you’ve achieved it. Set realistic goals, don’t expect too much of yourself, and you will look and feel so much better for it

Weight loss can be achieved, but if you find that you’re struggling, please speak to your doctor. Make sure that you lose weight slowly but surely, as it’s more likely to stay off that way. I wish you all the very best.

Preparing to cover the cost of your big day

Weddings are usually joyous occasions, when two people come together to unite and celebrate their love. A lot of detail is involved in the preparation of the big day, even if you don’t plan on having a big wedding

None of us want anything to go wrong on the big day, and we do all that we can to make sure that things run smoothly. But what would happen if something did go wrong? What happens if the marquee that you’ve hired falls down, or the amount of alcohol that was drunk at the party, caused an accident via someone’s erratic behavior. I’m not trying to scare you, I just want you to understand that having insurance is probably a good idea.

The good news is that you can insure your wedding here, and get the peace of mind you need, to carry on with organizing the day. You can forget about what would happen if something goes wrong, you can simply concentrate on making sure that everyone knows what they need to be doing, and where they need to be doing it

The venue

Not a lot of people know that some venues ask you to make sure you have the right insurance, before you go ahead and use them on the big day. This is just to make sure that they and you are covered, should something happen. I’m not talking about something major and catastrophic happening, I’m even referring to the small things. What if a door window gets broken when a door is slammed to hard? Perhaps the best man who is dancing on a few chairs, accidentally breaks them? Someone will need to recover the cost. This means that it could potentially come out of your pocket if you’re the one who has hired and paid for the venue in question. You may not have to pay out a lot, but it would certainly be better for you if your insurance company paid the money out instead.

Insurance is a good idea

As you can see, getting wedding insurance is a good idea, and it doesn’t have to cost very much at all. What is important, is that you get insured for your big day, and any event associated with it. We happily insure our cars, vacations that we take and even our homes. Why not take insurance one step further, and insure your special day? Give yourself the peace of mind you need, to get on with the preparations, so that when the big day dawns, you can concentrate on getting married, and enjoying yourself.

Getting the help you need

I know from my own experience that asking for help is not that easy. I wanted to have the confidence to ask someone for help so I could get a hand quitting my addiction, but like I said, it was tough.

At the same time, I didn’t want to give up my habit, as I had become completely dependent on alcohol, and I relied on it to get me through the day. I’d seen a few advertisements regarding my local rehab center, which is Beachway Therapy Center, but as you can imagine, I was quite scared about going there.

Asking you to work hard

I knew that addiction treatment centers ask you to work hard to give up your addictions, and it was this that frightened me. What’s more is they also (As I was to discover later), is that they work with you on your feelings, the experiences that have troubled you, and how you feel about yourself today. I didn’t have a clue about the kind of work that addiction treatment centers did, but I’m pretty glad I found out.

Going into rehabilitation isn’t easy, it takes a lot of guts, but that’s only the first step. There is a lot of work to be done, but the good news is that you’re guided and helped along the way. We know as addicts that we have to want to change our behavior in order to get the help we need. We need to be able to ask for help in the first place, and admit that something’s wrong.

“I can quit any time I like”

I thought that I could quit any time, that I wasn’t an alcoholic, and I was in control of my drinking. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, and I found it really hard to cut down, let alone stop. When we alcoholics think about quitting drinking, it’s important that we do not stop right away, this is because it could potentially kill us. We need to cut down one bit at a time.

Some addiction treatment centers, in fact all of the ones I’ve researched ask that you start to cut down on the amount that you drink. You can start by cutting down on just one drink a day, or even by half a glass if that’s all you can do. If you can have a little bit less to drink one day, you are making good progress.

I did this, and even though it was tough, I did it. I started having one less drink a day. A week later I cut down by another drink. Sure, I fell off the wagon a few times, but I got back up, dusted myself off and carried on where I was.

Help, support, and guidance

With the help, support and guidance of an addiction treatment center, you can start to get in control of your addiction. This applies to alcohol and drug addiction too. It could take a while to get your head around the concept of a future without drugs or alcohol, but if you book yourself into a treatment center, it’s entirely possible.

Do supermarkets restrict our choices?

Each time we go into a supermarket, we are given a lot of choice. There are thousands on products up for sale, and we can pretty much buy them all. But do supermarkets restrict our choices, or do they offer us everything we need?

It depends on where you live

Supermarkets are very good at offering your local area what it thinks will sell. Let’s say that for example, your area has a lot of people from a specific ethnic group living in the area. The supermarket in question will then look to sell food and other items that they know people from the ethnic group like. But that’s not all supermarkets do, if you happen to live in a very wealthy area, they will also ensure that a lot of their highest quality and most expensive branded and independent branded products are for sale. This is because they know you have the money for them, which means you won’t find many, or any value products for sale.

The market leader has more shelf space

The market leader in canned tomatoes for example, will have more shelf space than other similar branded canned tomatoes. This is because the supermarket knows that you’re willing to pay more money for the market leader. This means the supermarket makes more money, even though it may appear that they’re being nice by offering a lot of the best canned tomatoes for sale.

They choose the prices

Someone in an office miles away will decide on the price of the products they sell. This potentially means that a product in a rich part of town is likely to cost more than it would in a poor part of town. Supermarkets know that they can get away with this, and they do. If you want to save money, you need to shop around. Buy groceries in a cheaper part of town, get your teeth done at invisalign Charlotte, and look for a doctor who won’t charge the earth each time you need them.

They close down local stores

When a big supermarket open in a town, it’s likely that some of the local stores will suffer. By ‘Local stores’ I mean those family-run businesses that have been around for years. There will no doubt be a few small chain stores around too, and these can also become vulnerable. Local stores tend to shut down because they simply cannot compete with the bigger supermarkets. These bigger stores can offer lower prices, a wider range, and promotional offers that small stores simply cannot.

This means that these local stores we all love, will suffer, and it’s likely that they will shut down. If by some reason, a local store is not shut down by the arrival of a large supermarket, then it could lose up to three quarters of its profits.

As you can see, supermarkets really do restrict our choices. I guess all is fair in love and business, but it still doesn’t seem right.

How to reach your target customers

If you plan to set up a business, you need to make sure you know who your target customers are. This needs to be a lot more specific than you think, as it’s hugely important.

Some business owners make the mistake of targeting everyone and hoping that their business will be successful that way. The problem with doing this is that it isn’t specific enough. You need to know exactly who you’re targeting, so you can create an ad campaign that specifically targets them.

Opening a wine bar?

Let’s say for example that you’re planning to open a wine bar. Who will your target customers be? Will they be anyone who wants a drink? Or would you prefer to target professionals who like a tipple after a hard day at the office? Deciding who you’re going to target will not only change your ad campaigns, but it will also change the layout and design of your wine bar.

How about a delicatessen?

Let’s imagine you’re planning to open a delicatessen, and you would like to attract the local Jewish community. You will need to make sure you get kosher certification from EarthKosher, so your products appeal to the local community, and anyone else who’s interested in Kosher foods.

Targeting specific markets can be hard, but you can reach that target audience if you now how to.

Provide a solution

One of the best ways for you to reach your target customers, is to provide them with a solution. This may mean that you will need to create a problem first, and then offer a solution to it. You may wonder why I would suggest such an absurd thing, but it’s something that happens all of the time.

The manufacturers of cleaning products will happily tell you that your home is full of germs. They will go on to say that bacteria and germs can harm your family and make it a relatively unsafe place to bring up young children. Then once they have finished telling you how unhygienic your home is and the problems it could cause, they will offer you a solution: Their product.

It doesn’t matter what it is you’re trying to sell, if you can provide a solution to a problem people didn’t know they had, you could be onto a winner.

So have another think about who your target customers are: What age are they? What kind of things do they like? What appeals to that age range? What similar successful products are already out there? Once you’ve been able to answer all of these questions, you’ll be much more inclined to reach your target customers and get the business you’re looking for.

How your home can help the environment

We are now more aware of the environmental impact that are homes have, than ever before. We have an idea as to what our carbon footprint is, and we have an idea as to where we can save energy.

So what can we do to make sure that our homes have less of an impact on the environment? Here’s a short guide for you, so you can get started:

Turn those lights off when you leave the room

Although energy saving lights won’t take up a lot of energy, it’s still important that you turn them off when you leave the room. This is because energy use as well as cost, mounts up. Do the environment, and yourself a favor and turn them off.

Wear another layer of clothing

When the weather starts to turn cold, we automatically put the heating on. The problem with doing this is that we really don’t need to put it on as often as we do. Wear another layer of clothing, and trap warm air close to your body, thereby warming yourself up. Of course, there will be times when you need to put the heating on (Such as when there are children and the elderly in your home, or if it’s really cold), but wearing another layer will help to reduce the need.

Get your home insulated

Air can and does escape from our homes through loft space, walls, and windows. Get your home insulated so that less air escapes, and less cold air comes in. You may even be able to get help with the costs of effectively insulating your home.

Shower for just 5 minutes each time

Each time we shower, we use up a lot of water, even though showering is thought to be less wasteful than taking a bath. If you shower for just 5 minutes a time, you will be reducing the amount of water you waste, by a significant amount. You may want to also buy the Best Low Flow Shower Head to help reduce the amount of water even further.

Donate your unwanted items to charity

This is a great way for you to ensure that less goes to landfill. It also means that those unwanted items are used and loved by someone else instead. Donating your items not only means those clothes are given a new life, but a charity will benefit from your donation too.

Recycle as much as you can

Although a lot of us recycle quite a lot, we can all make improvements. Try to recycle every single thing that you would ordinarily throw away. Even if this means piling up plastic, cardboard and paper, before taking it to the recycling station. Doing this will help to ensure that we use less energy, and those products are turned into something useful.

Use the ‘Short wash’ cycle on your washing machine

Even though you may not fill your washing machine every time, you should still place it on the ‘Short wash’ cycle, or whatever the equivalent is. Every time I do laundry, I select this cycle, and thereby save 20 minutes worth of energy use.

As you can see, there are some pretty easy ways for you to save energy and thereby reduce your impact on the environment. Start today, and you’ll soon see your energy bills are lowered, and your carbon footprint is a lot less than it used to be.

Top Beauty Tips For 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, you may be thinking about the year ahead. You no doubt have some resolutions, and some of them may include looking good. So how can you look good in 2016?

How can you keep up with some of the beauty trends that are coming our way? Well, I’ve done a bit of research and I can give you a clue. Please bear in mind that these beauty tips are those which were found in December 2015, which means things may have changed a little before you read this:

Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick is thought to be something that will prove popular in 2016. Although you may be horrified about the thought of wearing bright orange lipstick, the good news is there are many different shades. From bright orange to a dull orange and even pink or red, the range of lipsticks that are likely to be available, is set to impress.

Gray Nail Polish

Yes, you read that right, those in the know at Beauty Plus Salon among others, predict that gray nail polish will be the thing to wear next year. Gray is absolutely ideal for the cold winter months, and adds a touch of class to any outfit. There are lots of different shades of gray, (I know what number you’re thinking of), that will suit anyone, so why not give it a go, and add a touch of class to early 2016?

Buns in our hair

2016 looks set to be the year when we wear buns in our hair. Ok, so you don’t exactly have to go around sporting a hair style that’s reminiscent of Princess Leia (Unless you want to, of course). There are many Austrian-inspired designs that promise to be very popular. Sou may want to think about getting ahead of the crowd right now, and making your hair look great, if it’s long enough for you to do so in any case.

Facial Cleansing Brushes

Exfoliating is important, because it helps to rid the skin of some dead cells, and it can add a touch of youth to our faces. In 2016, facial cleansing brushes are going to be pretty popular, and they will even help you to feel better about your appearance. This is because you will notice a difference almost right away, thereby boosting your confidence pretty quickly.

We are aware that some of the fashions and trends that look set to be big in 2016 may never emerge. Or, they may not be as big as we anticipated. This is something that we cannot control, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a go and see what appeals to you. Look good, feel good and shine through-out the New Year.

Tips for making your resume stand out

Applying for a new job is never as easy as we would like to think. It would be nice if we could apply for a job, get an interview and then be invited for the position.

The trouble is that things aren’t always that easy, but you can give yourself an advantage if you know exactly how to write your resume, and what to put in it.

Here are a few tips that could help your resume to stand out:

Include all of your experience

However irrelevant your experience may seem, you should include it in your resume. The more experience you have, especially if it’s even remotely relevant the better it will look. Don’t forget to add the correct dates and make sure that you include as much information about it as you can.

Don’t leave any gaps in your work history

Even if you have a legitimate reason for being out of work for however long, you need to include it in your resume. If you leave a gap you may be asked about it, so fill in the gaps, and it won’t look like you’re trying to hide anything. If you lost a job or you left it because you didn’t like it, you may want to think about adding that it was a temporary contract. Although this is a little bit of a white lie, there is some truth to it.

Include every qualification that you have

When I was a child I went canoeing in France and ended up with a canoeing proficiency certificate. Although this has never been relevant to any position that I’ve applied for, I have included it in every resume I’ve ever written. This is because it shows that I’ve taken part in events and worked with other people, and it’s this that prospective employers like.

Get help if you need it

Some people have no problem writing a resume, whereas others often struggle. You could always hire a resume writer to help you if you wish. Alternatively, you could get someone you trust to look over it and see where you could fill in the blanks so to speak.

Make sure it’s presentable

It doesn’t matter how much work experience you have, how many qualifications you have, or if you’re the best chess player in the North East, you need to have a presentable resume. No-one will want to read a resume that has been badly presented. Make sure yours looks good, as it will say a lot more about you than a badly presented one.

As you can see, the above tips have a real potential to make your resume stand out. Start working on it today, and add anything you think may be relevant.

What to consider when buying hair straighteners

Spotting a straightened hair is the goal of every woman who is into flawless hair. It is the reason why hair straighteners have become very popular across the globe. Essentially, hair straighteners feature several plates which after undergoing heating glide against the hair hence straightening it in the process. However, while heat plays an important role in the straightening of hair, it’s imperative to note that excessive heat can damage your hair and that is why experts stress on investing in the best hair straighteners for the best results. With this is in mind, what are some of the considerations when buying hair straighteners? What are some of the factors you need to take into consideration?

Materials used to make the plates

Unless it’s your first time using hair straighteners, you definitely know that their plates are made of different materials. The important thing here is to go for a plate that will produce the best results with your hair. Essentially, there are some plate materials that are efficient with certain hair types while there are others that simply don’t produce the desired results.

Depending on your hair type, you can go for plate materials made of solid ceramic, ceramic coated plates, tourmaline plates and titanium plates. All these plate materials have their own advantages that suit different types of hairs and therefore its highly advisable that you find out how beneficial each is or the merits of each before you make the final purchase.

Your hair type

You cannot afford to bury your head in the sand when buying hair straighteners. Buying a hair straightener without taking your hair type into consideration is an exercise in futility. This is very important especially if you are in the market to buy a hair straightener for personal use. If that’s the case, then you need to go for a straightener that will bring up the best results and make your hair look flawless after using it.

However, if you are in the market and seeking to buy straighteners for professional use, the logical thing to do would be to buy different types of them as you will be dealing with customers with different hair types. If your hair is thick and curly, you might want to buy titanium plated hair straightener as it boasts of high temperatures. On the other hand, if you spot hair that is medium thick and not difficult to style, going for a ceramic plate would be the logical thing to do as it is instrumental in keeping hair breakages at bay.

Temperature control

The best hair straighteners are those that make it easy for you to adjust temperatures as and when you require. The truth of the matter is that high temperatures produce excellent results in certain hairs while there are hairs that only require moderate or low temperatures. In this regard, you should go for a hair straightener with the right settings to enable you adjust the temperature according to your hair type. You definitely do not want a scenario where you spend a lot of money on a straightener that doesn’t fit your hair style and which has no setting for adjustment.

Life’s Little Luxuries

We all like life’s little luxuries, they are those things that make our day brighter, and keep us going. Everyone has their own type of luxury, from clothes to chocolate, from music to TV programmes. We all have our own way of getting a little bit of luxury out of life.

My younger brother plays on his games console when he wants a bit of time out. He will spend hours at a time shooting zombies. Little brother really does see this as a bit of a treat, a bit of luxury. It’s one of those things that makes you feel grateful for what you have, and it helps you enjoy life just that little bit more.

I know it’s not exciting…

I like to find have a coffee made in the Best bean to cup coffee maker, and a read of the local newspaper. I know this isn’t very exciting, but it’s something that feels like a bit of a luxury. It’s this getting away from the stresses and strains of life that does it for me. It helps me to switch off and forget my day. It helps me to unwind and think about something else other than work.

What about other people?

Some people would rather have a night out on the town, or go to the cinema. My parents like to go for a walk as they consider getting out and about, and away from home a bit of a luxury. They also like to have a good meal out somewhere too. After recently retiring, they now have the chance to enjoy more things, whereas they didn#t have time before. I guess that their retirement is their form of luxury.

My sister in law would count having a new handbag or pair of shoes as her little luxury. My brother in law considers a new piece of technology to be his, and my partner opts for a spot of gardening.

We all have our luxuries

We all have our ways to spoil ourselves, but we all have our ways of enjoying what life has to offer too. I think we all need life’s little luxuries, because they help us to relax, they make us feel special, and they really can make a difference to our day.

What is it that you like? What do you consider to be one of life’s little luxuries? Could it be that you enjoy reading a good book, spending time with those you love, or even just taking a long hot bath?

Whatever it is that you consider to be a luxury, give yourself time to enjoy it, as it is sure to make you feel better, and appreciate what you have.

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