Shoppers: The seduced & repressed

The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman came up with the concept that there are two types of shoppers: The seduced and the repressed. These concepts were coined to give an indication as to the types of shoppers there are, so we get more of an idea as to what consumer society is like.

Who are the seduced?

The idea is that those who come under the label ‘Seduced’, spend a lot of money on a wide range of products, especially those that are deemed to be quite popular right now. The theory strikes up images of people going out and buying those must-have gadgets, clothes and more. We see people carrying large bags of shopping, and we know that it’s likely they have spent a lot of money on those products. It’s these products that they cannot live without, and it’s these products that supposedly make their life better.

Who are the repressed?

Bauman also suggested that the ‘Repressed’ shoppers are those who would like to be able to afford consumer goods, but they are unable as they have little cash. This could be due to unemployment, low wages, or homelessness. The idea is that the repressed want to be able to afford the latest phone, TV, and clothes, but their current income doesn’t allow them to to that.

Are these concepts correct?

The fact of the matter is that although these concepts seem very interesting, they certainly don’t reflect consumer society as a whole. This is because not everyone will fit into either one category or the other. There are many people who fit in both categories, and we’re going to explore this a little further:

Not everyone who can afford the must have things, buys them I know a few people who could afford to buy a lot more than they currently do. They’re simply more interested in buying things associated with what’s important in their lives. For example, someone with a big garden who loves to spend time out there, may be more interested in paying a
Southampton tree surgeon to fell their tree, than they are the latest brand of sun glasses.

Those who are repressed may use hire purchase or credit

Hire purchase is now more popular than ever, as is the credit that banks or other institutions offer us. This means that those people who would otherwise be deemed repressed, have access to the goods in question.

Lack of access to those must-have products

Those who are considered to be repressed may simply not have access to the products in question. In some small towns and villages, there may be a distinct lack of shops and access to areas that have shops that sell the products in question. This does not mean that they are repressed, this means that they simply cannot get hold of those products. This is unless they can buy them online, and it’s likely that they will be able to, unless the delivery driver refuses to deliver to the middle of nowhere.

As you can see, the concept of the seduced and repressed is a fascinating one, and it’s one that’s probably being argued about somewhere, right now

Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas Shopping Tips There’s no doubt about it, Christmas is definitely heading our way. If you haven’t been outside, and you haven’t watched television, shopped online, or listened to the radio, then you may not be aware that shops are trying hard to get us to spend our money with them.

At this time of year, a lot of people start to wonder what they should buy their loved ones for Christmas. They also start to wonder how on earth they are going to be able to afford to buy all of the presents they have in mind.

Here are some tips that can help you to curb your Christmas spending, while also ensuring you buy the presents you’ve been thinking about.

Wait for the sales

Very soon shops will be lowering prices, so that you will feel more inclined to spend your money with them. This is only a good thing if you were thinking of shopping with them anyway. If you weren’t, then please just ignore the sales, and make sure you get the presents you want, from the retailer of your choice. (Unless you find that gift a lot cheaper elsewhere).

If you have to use a credit card

None of us particularly want to use our credit card, but sometimes we just have to. If you think you’ll have to, then please make sure you pay the money back as soon as you can. Add another£5 to the minimum payment if that’s all you can afford. Alternatively, use the money you currently have, and don’t overspend by a penny.

Don’t be fooled by promotional offers

Although there are undoubtedly some good offers around right now, don’t be fooled by them. Remember when those big boxes of chocolates were £5 a few years ago? That’s because they contained 1 kilogram of chocolates, now they only contain 750 grams. You’re not getting your monies worth here, so look for a good deal elsewhere.

If you’re feeling seduced by a ‘Buy one get one free’ offer, take a look at the price that the items are selling for right now, and work out how much they cost when they weren’t on offer. Chances are you could be paying a little more than you should.

Take a look online to see if it’s cheaper

This is the best way for you to make the most of your money. See what’s on offer, take a look at the good job web designers have made of trying to attract you to a site, and save yourself some cash.

It really is possible for you to spend your money wisely, and get everyone the gifts you had in mind. Don’t go mad, be sensible and start your Christmas shopping as soon as you can, and reach for those bargains.

Can baking shows make you a better baker?

There are a lot of baking shows on television right now, and they all inspire us to make some tasty cakes, scones and other treats. But can baking shows make you a better baker? Or do they encourage us to cook up different recipes while being just as bad in the mean time?

The fact is that if you listen to what the baking shows tell you, you can realistically become a betterbaker. These shows are usually full of tips and advice that can help you get to grips with your baking. This ultimately means that if you listen to what is being said, and you follow the advice thatyou’re given, then you should become a better baker.

Things are not always that simple

Things are not always that simple though, as I recently found out when making a mincemeat tray bake. You are supposed to put flour, sugar and a few other ingredients [I forget what!] into a food processor. The aim is for you to wizz the ingredients in the food processor until they reach a bread crumb-like consistency. The trouble with this is that it’s quite hard not to over-do things. Needless to say that on a few occasions, ok, all of the occasions I have tried to make this tray bake, I have wizzed the food just a little too much.

It’s really hard to tell when the ingredients are bread crumb-like, as one minute they’re just a pile of ingredients, and the next they seem to be all mashed together. I guess after a few more practices, I will be able to get it right, but in the mean time I will have to eat the mincemeat tray bake that hasn’tturned out quite right. It still tastes good though, so it’s not too much of a travesty!

Keep practising!

I guess that these types of television shows can make you a better baker, but only if you keep practising. No-one is going to bake the perfect cake or whatever, straight away, or every single time. If you do follow the advice that these baking shows give you, then you’re bound to improve, but the secret is ultimately, to follow the instructions and keep practising.

A few words of advice

Make sure that before you start baking, you have all of the ingredients that you need. Don’t make the mistake of getting half way through the list of ingredients, only to find that you don’t have everything in stock.

Another thing that I feel the need to mention is that you don’t have to have top quality equipment to bake with. I know baking shows use expensive equipment, but you really don’t need to. Buy cheaper Jamie Oliver knives, a cheaper food processor, and don’t try to afford that massive oven that they bake in. What matters most is what you do when you’re baking, not what equipment you use. Technique is a lot more important than having a swanky new oven, and gleaming mixing bowls.

Understanding the Hot Water Systems

This system is primarily designed to deliver hot water to the area of use. In the non-vented category, the system consists of a cold water reservoir, usually a tank, open vent pipework, heat source and a hot water storage tank. The primary feature is that the hot water reservoir is not vented: the reservoir acts as a form of a pressure vessel, and the cold water replaces any evacuated hot water. The vented system, on the other hand, includes a copper reservoir with an integrated valve for pressure release into the atmosphere.

Tank System

Utilises either gas, oil or electricity to heat water in an insulated reservoir. This type is designed to keep the water at a set temperature, with heating cycles to maintain that temperature. A set of pipes then connects the tank to the points of use. A crucial inclusion is a temperature and pressure relief valve for safety. It serves to release the pressure from the accumulated steam once a pre-set limit is reached.

The tank is typically made of steel with a special lining to prevent corrosion, as well as an anode rod made from magnesium. Over time, the rod depletes, since it corrodes in place of the tank and thus has to be replaced. Other vital components include the drain cock under the tank and a hot water valve in case the hot water is not required for some time. Older versions of the system consist of the oil-fuelled heaters, which directly heats the tank at the bottom to heat the water through conduction. High risks and heating inefficiency has however seen this type being replaced by the electric heaters.

One of the key factors that determine the tank size is the recovery rate. This refers to the rate at which the unit heats water—low recovery rate heaters require bigger tanks to ensure anadequate supply of hot water. Electric heaters have a lower recovery rates and are thus used on the large tanks, especially for family use. Oil-fuelled heaters pose a higher recovery rate, so large tanks are not necessary.


This type lacks the tank: the water is heated on demand at the point of use, for example, on your Rain shower head. There are two types of the tank-less heater. The first integrates a small heater at the point of use, for example, just near the high pressure shower head. The incoming supply thus has cold water with an allocated setting for temperature control at the endpoint.

The second type has a coil, with one end in the cold water supply, and the other connecting to the hot water system that heats the house. As the water that heats the house moves around the house, it heats this coil, which in turn heats the cold water. However, some of the disadvantages include temperature control, especially for instant showers. There is a high chance of scalding since water is heated at the point of use. Secondly, especially when the source of heat is near the point of use, the rate of heating may be low in high demand times.

The choice between the two depends on the hot water demand, house design and your preferences. Most of the traditional houses features the tank systems. However, the leaning towards energy efficiency has had many people switch to the instantaneous heaters.

Becoming a Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon is charged with primary tree care, which includes planting, felling, pruning, and diagnosis of plant diseases and pests. They possess an innate knowledge of tree growth, behaviour, disease and pest treatment and management and the use of general and special equipment to attend to trees.

Job Description

For starters, tree surgeons are trained to identify tree issues that deviate from the regular and attend to them. This requires listening to the clients requirements, followed by a physical meet to evaluate the job requirements and quotation. A physical evaluation allows the tree surgeon to make accurate quotations, and also decipher the scale of the problem and thus, the tools and equipment required. The next step is to compile a project timetable depending on the task at hand, task completion, cleanup activities and invoicing. The job entails the use of powered and manual equipment such as blades, chainsaws, ropes, harnesses, ladders and elevated work platforms.

Job requirements

On the onset, proper knowledge on all matters trees is crucial. Only through this knowledge is one able to decipher solutions, and the ideal solutions. Other than the high school degree, the required tertiary courses include woodland ecology, environment conservation, arboriculture, forestry and countryside management. Some institutions offer a more directly related course known as Trees and Timber. This is flowed by an apprenticeship program, mostly in an environmental conservation organisation, or the forestry department.

Do note that it is possible to pursue this career path without formal education. However, an intense apprenticeship program is crucial, followed by years of fostering experience. Also, not seeking formal training may expose you to poor remuneration, as well as sabotage your chances of growth as an arborist. Although it is it still possible to make it without formal education, it is recommended that you seek certification to expose you to better-paying opportunities. For rapid career development, pursue the accredited certification courses from your local and regional arboriculture associations. For example, a tree surgeon Southampton enthusiast should seek certifications available in the area, as well as the region.

It is important to note that tree surgery is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. There is always the risk of injury or even death considering the height above ground, and the equipment involved. There is also the constant threat to your health, considering the heavy lifting, twisting under weight, and long durations spent in one state. With this mind, patience, guts, physical fitness and strict discipline is crucial to both survival and career growth. Also, you should have a head for heights, as well as a mature health and safety awareness. On the upside, the job does provide free workouts, and thus prime physical fitness levels, as well as the excitement of working outdoors, albeit when the weather permits.

Well, everyone who has a tree within his or her compound is a potential client. Most tree surgeons, however, run home or family based businesses and thus pursue small-scale projects. However, apart from homeowners, commercial customers and employers include public institutions, agencies such as the forestry departments, municipalities and private holdings. Although in existence, a rarely pursued career course by tree surgeons is recreational tree climbing, where the primary job description is to guide people to treetops as an outdoor activity.

How to find a good martial arts school for your_child

Learning martial arts is a great way for your child to get fitter, learn some discipline and make friends. However, it is important to make sure that you pick the right school for your child. This article will give you some tips on how to do that.

Make sure the instructor is experienced

Martial Arts

The easiest way to find out if the instructor is experienced is to ask them. Make sure that they have been teaching children martial arts for a while. Ask what certification and training the instructor has and make sure to check up on these on the internet to ensure that they are legitimate. Additionally, the instructor should also be used to working with kids and get along with them. Ask to observe a class tomake sure.

Make sure the facility is clean

Many children can contract diseases from communal classes. This is especially true in any sort of sport or fitness class where they are sweating and in contact with each other. Make sure the mats and floorsare cleaned regularly and ask if and how often they are disinfected. You do not want your child to catch a virus from the martial arts class. This like staph infections and funguses can be common in these spaces if they are not cleaned properly.

Make sure they are well equipped

Your child should be bought safety equipment to protect their bodies before they attend a martial artsclass. You can look online and try these karate supplies– headgear, shoes and wraps. Attend a class before enrolling your child to make sure that the instructor uses these equipments properly and is ensuring that all students practice martial arts in a safe way. If the class is supplying equipment, make sure that it is properly cleaned and each student is given their own personal space to store it.

Ask how parents can get involved

There should be a provision for parents to come and watch their kids as they are learning. Ask about their accommodations for parents. Some studios also offer classes that parents can take with their children. This may be a good idea for younger children and also for older ones with whom you should take the first few classes to get an idea of what they will be taught.

Ask about the philosophies they will teach

Many martial arts come with discipline teaching as well as some broader philosophies that the teacherswant to impart on their students. While most of it focuses on when and where to use confrontation and how to avoid it, make sure you are completely comfortable with the verbal education that the instructor will provide. Ideally, your child will be taught about how to resolve confrontations verbally without having to resort to violence.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind when you choose a martial arts studio. Visit a few options and interview the instructors before you decide on the one that is best for your child.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Family Doctor

Family doctors, also known as general practitioners, are tasked with the responsibility of providing primary health care to all members of the family. Their main tasks are to diagnose, treat, offer prescriptions, advice on lifestyle changes, chronic disease management, and refer their patients to specialists in case the situation is beyond their capability. Bearing in mind that they are the go-to doctor when anything happens to a member of your family, getting the right one is crucial. The following are factors to consider when selecting the right family doctor.


Family Doc

As with other medical professionals, certification is a crucial gauge for the doctor’s suitability and in most cases, compliance. Certification assures the clients that the doctors has undergone the necessary education, training and has fulfilled the requirements to practice. Though the requirements vary according to the region, the standard includes a medical degree from an accredited medical school, residency, licensing, and extra examinations by the national medical boards. These boards and associations also offer a comprehensive directory of the certified family doctors in your locality.


As highlighted, general practitioners are tasked with a myriad of responsibilities. Experience with dealing with such tasks is crucial. This is more so if your family have a chequered medical history, and thus require close attention. Experience also assures you that the doctor is familiar with and adept with old and modern trends in medicine.


The right family physician should be available round the clock to attend to all sorts of medical emergencies. Check with the doctor’s routine, office hours, and most importantly after-office attendance. The most suitable family physician should be able to make house calls, especially for patients with chronic conditions, or frequent medical problems. While at this, inquire if the house calls require come at an extra fee.


Pursuing medical attention, especially for those with chronic ailments can be costly. Research on the doctor’s rates, and most importantly, inquire if they accept your insurance plans. Clients on managed-care insurance have access to a directory of family physicians who have a contract with the scheme. In this instance, considering the high number of people under national medical plans, ensure that the doctor is accepting new patients and is available to attend to your family. Do not compromise on quality health care under the guise of saving money.

Medical History

Although even the best family doctors are sued once or twice in the course of their career, it is crucial that you stay away from those with a litany of past charges. These include cases of medical malpractice, negligence, sexual harassment, substance abuse and other disciplinary actions. The medical boards and disciplinary forums should offer an information bank on those with red flags.


Family medicine is quite an intrusive medical field. To get the best assistance, sometimes one requires talking about embarrassing medical conditions, or family’s medical history. Opening up requires one to feel comfortable with the doctor first. A positive personal demeanour is necessary when selecting the right family physician. Other pointers to consider include efficiency, the ability to listen without interrupting, how the members of your family feel about the doctor, attention, and solutions offered to your problems, and the ability to accommodate different social and cultural backgrounds into medical service provision. Getting the right family doctor is crucial to any family. The right choice is able to focus on all members of your family, from the children, teenagers, parents, and the senior citizens. For those with medical histories that feature chronic and debilitating conditions, diagnosis and early treatment can help prevent the onset of, or delay the effects of these conditions. The above-highlighted factors should come in handy when selecting the right family doctor.

It’s time to start shopping for Christmas!

I’m sorry if I have made you sigh, or even made you panic slightly, but the fact of the matter is, it’s time to start shopping for Christmas. Christmas is really just around the corner (At the time of writing, in any case), and that means you need to get your skates on and start shopping!

ChristmasNow, you may be tempted to leave everything to the last minute, and hope that you can get everything you need on Christmas Eve at your local store. This is however, a really bad idea, as many people will be doing the same as you, and there may not be very much in stock. Start shopping now, and you could be the one putting your feet up and relaxing, while everyone else panics about what to buy and for who.

Make a list

Make a list of the people you’ll be buying gifts for, and think about what you want to buy them. Doing this will ensure that you don’t buy something you like the look of, and wonder who you should give it to.

Shop for a few people at a time

Don’t go out and buy all the gifts in one go, go out with a few people in mind, have your list with you, and shop for them. Alternatively, you may even want to shop online as it means you won’t have to carry anything home, and you may even get a discount too. Plus, you can even buy yorkies online, and other gifts that could be hard to find in your local town.

When you’re done

When you’re done shopping, it’s time to start wrapping those gifts. Make sure you have all the paper, ribbon and anything else that you’ll need to hand. Don’t forget to remember what gift you’re giving to someone. Take a look at the list you made so you can tell what you’re supposed to be giving to who. This way, you’re less likely to give the wrong gift to the wrong person.

Have a spare gift at the ready

My friend always has a spare gift at the ready, in case there’s someone he’s forgotten to buy for, or he comes across someone he’d like to give a gift to. A box of cookies usually works in this case, and once wrapped, it can be a nice charming gift to give to your Uncle’s best friends cousin’s daughter inlaw.

Alternatively, since January is just around the corner and people are looking to get into their healthand fitness routine, why not look at a free trial of a latest supplement to help with their festive weight loss? I’ve heard good things about Garcinia Cambogia, which offer samples with free shipping.

Start shopping for Christmas right now, and before it’s too late. While everyone else runs around panicking, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you are all set for the holiday season.

A student’s guide to saving money

Students can often be strapped for cash, but there’s absolutely no reason why every student should be poor and penniless. Even those without much of an income at all, aside from their student grant or loan, can get through university or college with relative ease.

Here’s how you can ensure you save enough money to get by, every single week:

Don’t spend it all at once

Many students make the mistake of spending all of their cash at once. They think “I’ll worry about it later”, but ‘Later’ soon arrives, and they don’t always have enough cash for household bills and food.As tempting as it may be to go out and spend your cash, save it, you’ll be thankful that you did.

Budget your cash

Work out how much money you will have left at the end of the month, then divide this amount by 4 [Weeks], and you’ll get a figure that isn’t going to be great, but it’s likely to be one you can work with.

Try to avoid using your overdraft

Your overdraft should ideally be used for emergencies, not that night out you want so badly, or that great new cell phone you’ve had your eye on. Avoid using your overdraft as you may just need it some time. Remember that you’ll also have to pay your overdraft back, and that’s never any fun.

Get a student discount where you can

Some places offer student discount, these places can include shops, restaurants, online shops and bus or train companies. Have you read a nitecore p12 review and decided that you want it? See if you can get it at a lower price.

Know where to buy cheap books

Books can potentially be expensive, unless you know where you can buy them for a reduced price. Look online, check out second hand book stores, and visit your local library. If there’s a book that you ‘Must have’ so you can get on with your studies, try to find a cheaper version, before you go out and pay full price for it. Look for cheaper branded foods This is a good way to save money on food. Shop in discount stores, shop at your regular supermarket, but buy from the cheaper range. Some of these foods are absolutely fine, they just cost
less and have less fancy packaging. Don’t be afraid to buy those foods and cook them from scratch as doing so also works out a lot cheaper, and better from a nutritional point of view too.

Do what you can to save money, and you’ll find your student years won’t be so financially hard after all.

Encouraging your customers to be healthier





If you run a shop, or you have a lot of say as to how it’s run, you have the chance to encourage your customers to be healthier. This is because you may be able to decide what you sell and where you sell it.


Many shops sell candy bars, chocolate bars, and chips right next to the checkout. This means that people are likely to impulse buy these nice tasting items. The trouble with this type of product is that they can be high in sugar, salt and fat, and we all know that foods like this can be bad for you.



How you display & what you display


The fact is that you really can encourage your customers to be healthier, and it’s all down to how you display your products, and what products you display. I’m now seeing more and more shops selling healthier products near or next to the checkouts. Low fat, tasty foods such as dried fruit, nuts and other similar foods are now considered to be the ‘Impulse buy’ products.


This means that your customers are more likely to choose something less fattening to eat, and that can only be a good thing. You cannot ultimately control exactly what your customers decide to buy and eat, but you can influence them.


Influencing your customers


As well as encouraging your customers to be healthy, you can also encourage them to buy specific types of food and drink too. Foods that come with kosher certification, or those that are slaughtered using Halal methods are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s all down to are more health-conscious ethic-oriented society.


Having more Kosher and Halal foods for sale, and clearly on display, means that more people are likely to buy them, and that can only be a good thing.



Using music to promote sales


Did you know that music can influence the sale of specific goods? For example, if you find that you have a lot of Italian wine in stock and you want to sell it as quickly as possible, all you need to do is play Italian music in the wine section. It’s quite an amazing technique to use, but trust me it works.

I guess you could use this technique for any product or department if you wish, and boost sales of a specific product.


As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that you can influence your customers, so why not try them out and see how they work for you?


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